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Walks on Karpathos Island: Kali Limni Walks on Karpathos Island: Donkey near Argoni Walks on Karpathos Island: Saria Beach Walks on Karpathos Island: View from  Kali Limni Walks on Karpathos Island: Ferry from Crete to Karpathos Walks on Karpathos Island: Crocus flower on Lastos plateau Walks on Karpathos Island: Olympos village Walks on Karpathos Island: Trek from Olympos to Argoni Walks on Karpathos Island: Ruins of a christian basilika in Pigadia Walks on Karpathos Island: Mycenean remains neur Vroucounda Walks on Karpathos Island: Vroucounda Walks on Karpathos Island: Adeia Flaskias Walks on Karpathos Island: Subterrean Church near Vroucounda Walks on Karpathos Island: House in Olympos village Walks on Karpathos Island: Chapel of Profiti Elias

Walking tour on the wild and authentic island of Karpathos

Lying between Crete and Rhodes, Karpathos is the third largest island of the Dodecanese. Wild and forgotten, Karpathos has remained to this day almost unspoiled and practically untouched by mass tourism.
Rugged and steep mountains form the spine of the island. Most walks of this tour take place on the wilder northern part of Karpathos, the southern side is more fertile and more populated.
Walking is the best way to discover Karpathos, its fascinating history and incredible natural beauty. Some of the antique footpaths that we will walk on have been trodden by Minoans, Myceneans, Dorians, Romans, Venitians, Pirates and Saraceans ...
Ancestral traditions and a unique folklore are still very alive, especially in the matriarchal village of Olympos where women wear colourful clothing.

Day 1: Arrival at Karpathos airport or at the port of Pigadia.
Transfer by minibus or taxis to Adeia, at the foot of the Kali Limni mountain range. Possibility to walk to a nearby beach.
Night in Adeia, in a pension hidden away in the pine forest.

Day 2: Walk up the lush and wild Flaskias gorge to the plateau of Lastos and climb to Kali Limni, (1215 m) the highest summit of the island (5 to 6 hours walk),
Night in Lastos.

Day 3: Walk down towards the windmills of Spoa (3-4 hours walk) on a path offering impressive panoramic views.
We finish the walk at the sea side village of Agios Nikolaos where we spend the night.

Day 4: Short road transfer to the beginning of this long, but incredibly beautiful walk on suspended trails and ancient mule paths that will take us to the shepherd´s settlement of Argoni and then to the spectacular village of Olympos (about 6 hours walk),
Night in Olympos.

Day 5: Climb up to the summit of Profiti Elias (720m), a hill overlooking the village of Olympos and the north of the island.
Considered in antiquity as the Olymp, domain of Zeus, it gave its name to the village. A little chapel dedicated to the prophet Elias stands at the summit (3 hours walk).
We go down, later in the afternoon, to the sea side village of Diafani where we will spend the next four nights.

Day 6: From the hamlet of Avlona we start our walk towards the Mycenean City of Vroucounda (3 hours walk).
We take the time to visit this amazing site and refresh ourselves in the crystal waters of the antique harbour, before heading back to Avlona where a traditional meal will be waiting for us.
Later in the evening, a short drive will take us back to our hotel in Diafani.

Day 7: Caique to the pirates islet of Saria, harbouring many ancient ruins and inhabited in the summer only by a few shepherds and a dozen donkeys.
We walk through the deserted hamlet of Argos before reaching the site of Palatia. After crossing a narrow and steep gorge, we end up on a dream beach (4 hours walk).
Swim and barbeque pic nic before sailing back to Diafani, night in Diafani.

Day 8: We leave Diafani on a coastal path until we reach the north end of the island and the strait of Steno (3 hours walk).
Return to Diafani by boat or walking depending on the weather conditions, night in Diafani.

Day 9: Last walk to the beautiful, deserted beach of Forokli (3 hours walk).
Late afternoon boat to Pigadia and night in Pigadia.

Day 10: Departure


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